CraftNOW is well established as a convener within the Philadelphia art scene. They excel at uniting existing craft organizations and hosting successful vibrant crafting events. They now hope to leverage their unique position in this space to help expand outreach and bring art access to new youth communities in Philadelphia.




Oct - Dec 2020


Sophie Perez
Aviva Hurvitz
Max Leichty

My Role

UX Researcher
Project Manager


"Missing art means missing a part of being human."
-Fleisher Art Memorial
"You can see how art connects people and brings them together on a bigger project."
- The University of the Arts
"Art is the playground for the soul."
- Fleisher Art Memorial


CraftNOW is currently extending their reach to high income areas with fewer kids than other areas of Philadelphia, and they want children to have access to crafts early and often.

How might CraftNOW help
amplify the social impact
of existing crafts organizations
in Philadelphia and
promote youth engagement
with crafting and making?


Our stakeholders exist in different spaces,
how do we connect them?


Build trust

  • It is more important to bring events to a community while also remaining behind the scenes and not imposing upon the community. Communities value their own autonomy.
  • Craft Organizations have more success in reaching people when the information comes from a source that they trust.
  • Craft Organizations are more successful with recurring events because people are more excited to go to events that they know more about, feel comfortable at and have enjoyed in the past.

enable access

  • It is important for craft organizations to have events in external, spacious, neutral, and open spaces that make everyone feel welcome.
  • There is an area of opportunity for Craft organizations in Philadelphia public schools, as they do not have adequate funding for arts education, which leaves it's students with little to no access to crafts & making.

Simplify logistics

  • It is important for Craft Organizations to physically go to the communities they are trying to reach.
  • It is easier for craft organizations to run reoccurring events than create completely new ones.

"The liaison between us and the community we are working with is vital, as they have the knowledge of how best to engage and build trust with the client."

- Art Reach

"Outside events are great because they are less overwhelming and open to everyone. Having an external space is really important."

- University of the Arts

"It takes a while to build 
up the momentum that you need in order to have a successful event."

- Center for Art In Wood

how might we statements

How might CraftNow help
create community between craft organizations to help reach and build trust with underserved communities?

How might CraftNow understand and respond to the needs of communities by
increasing accessibility?

How might CraftNow help craft organizations simplify logistics in order to facilitate successful and sustainable events ?

Design Criteria

Leverage partnerships and increase collaboration within the Philadelphia community

Help grow the Philadelphia craft and making community by providing opportunities in underserved communities

Easily accessible despite barriers to cost and  transportation

Engages and interests people who have never been exposed to crafts and making

Provide an important
creative outlet to children in historically silenced communities

Enhance what organizations already do best

Based on our design criteria, we generation ideas and selected our top three concepts to present to our client.

1} Craftnow Van

  • CraftNOW could own a van and lend 
it to their crafting partners in philadelphia to host crafting events all over the city.

2} Craftnow connect

  • CraftNOW could host a social media platform to facilitate communication between crafting organizations to further their reach.

3} Craftnow carnival

  • CraftNOW could partner with farmers markets and parks and rec to host craft events at these existing locations.


  • Direct support to craft organizations
  • Very mobile and accessible


  • Lots of expenses
  • Relies on craft organizations to take initivative and put in effort


  • Creates an easy platform for collaboration


  • Doesn't directly reach the community
  • Requires craft organizations to do high level organizaiton and planning


  • Directly reaches communities
  • Built in trust by using existing organizations
  • Easy to provide high level organizaiton


  • Some expenses in joining a partnership with new groups


After presenting our ideas to our clients, we decided to purse the CraftNOW Carnival because it allows for the most direct impact for CraftNOW to have on the community.

craftnow carnival

for kids

We meet them where they are.

Partner with already existing organizations like Parks + Rec and Farmer’s Markets.

for craft organizations

We simplify logistics.

Partner with the Craft Organizations so all they have to do is show up and focus on sharing their love of crafting.

CraftNOW can partner with already existing organizations in Philadelphia that exist where kids already are.


Due to the constraints of Covid, we were unable to test an in person activity. However, we were still able to utilize already existing networks to reach kids

1} Classroom Snowflake

  • We were able to reach kids by partnering with CityStep to reach local Philadelphia kids in their classrooms.

2} Facebook Snowflake event

  • We reached out to a Mom's of Philadelphia Facebook group to host a zoom event to teach kids how to craft their own snowflakes!


We pitched our solution to CraftNOW and they were able to plan and launch a pilot program with Parks and Rec during the summer of 2021!

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