As a digital designer for Jewelry Television, I worked on the marketing team to develop and implement branded emails, texts and digital assets. A large part of my role was to understand the jtv brand as well as their subsidiary brands and create clean and effective digital marketing.

Project Type

Digital Design


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

My Role

Digital Designer


The Summer Diamond Sale features its own logo and feel in tandem with the JTV branding. We wanted to highlight the sleek design on our diamond cuts and keep it clean and simple, letting the diamonds shine.


The photography team took these diamond jewelry photos on a neutral gray and white background, this made it easy for me to collage them together into a seamless background for the email.

Call to Action

This email has lots of opportunities for the customer to start shopping, the buttons are designed to pop off the page like the diamond jewelry to encourage interaction with the email.


Because the Summer Diamond Sale needed to be sleek, modern, and clean, I stuck to the brand fonts. Using mostly Gotham and a pop of a script font to give it elegance.


I loved getting to use this photography to make a story with this email, the angles of gray help move the reader through the email.


Jedora is a sister brand to JTV. During my time we were developing the branding for this new luxury marketplace. This was a partner update for Jedora vendors.


I designed icons to highlight our upcoming photoshoots. I followed our brand style guide as I created them and also used pre-made icons to make sure the email followed the branding of other emails.
The photography for this brand is much more luxurious and features brands from across the platform.


The photography for this brand is much more luxurious and features products from across the platform.


This email is very text heavy, so the text was coded in HTML before the email was sent. When adding text portions to pieces that would be sliced, I maintained the branded fonts.

Call to action

This email was an update to partners about upcoming events so there were less actions items, instead we needed to emphasize all of the upcoming events and items vendors would need to be participating in in the future.

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