Replatement is an engaging, convenient, and rewarding way to reduce paper waste: using the paper already available in your home.

Replatement allows you to turn that paper into plates and engage in making. The process is simple: turn your paper into pulp, press and dry. This activity allows you to see the repurposing of your waste directly and make it easy to see the positive impact you are having on our planet in the palm of your hand.


Jan - May 2021


3d Printing

My Role

Individual Project

design brief

Comfort Objects in Outdoor Spaces

Within our day-to-day lives, we can easily get caught up in making ‘progress’ towards our goals and lose sight of taking care of ourselves. We miss the hidden value in everyday activities and every day things. While COVID-19 may have slowed down the pace for some, it has also removed many familiar aspects of our routine and changed the way we interact with the world around us. For many, it has intensified anxieties of everyday life and highlighted new risks. Both separate from and as a response to this moment—and with a positive position towards the future—we look to investigate what provides, what prevents, and how to create functional objects—and by extension habits—that engender comfort.


We spoke to 8 people about their relationship with the outdoors and their own outdoor spaces.

Comfort in the environments they have created.
Pride in completing a project.
Fulfillment in using the material they already accumulated.
Accustomed to adequate solutions

How might we create a process
that will help people easily reuse the waste they already have in their home?

mechanism + process research

How could I take paper making and turn it into something else that could be useful, like planters, paper plates, bowls, etc. ?

collage of paper making processes


Initial ideation + prototypes

Initially I wanted to create planters that could be planted in the ground and be biodegradable. So I made a mold out of silk screen and balsa wood, created some paper plates and experimented with making pots.

images of sketches, rough mockups and prototypes of a paper plate making device


I learned that I could in fact make 3 dimensional paper with pressing pulp, but the deep design was getting compressed, so onto my next idea.

next idea

I wanted the product to be useful for the home, and during our interviews a common use of outdoor spaces was party hosting, so how could I make a paper plate with this pulp?

I fashioned a quick mold out of silkscreen, metal netting and hot glue, and made some paper plates.

images of a paper plate making prototype and two made paper plates

I made a couple of different pulps from my pile of junk mail. To maintain the integrity of the paper,
it is best to sort out any plastic 
from the mail.

image of two paper plates made with paper pulp, one has plastic pieces and the other does not

Making a prototype

Now that I know I want to make a paper plate machine, I rendered an initial model and 3d printed and tested it.

images of a render and 3d print of the first model of the paper plate making device

How to improve

  1. Add a sponge to absorb the water and gently press the pulp.
  2. Add a separate layer of silkscreen (I glued the silk screen to the prototype but it was imposstible to get out of the mold)
  3. Add more drainage.
  4. Add a container to catch the water.


I refined the layers and made it more compact, as I iterated on this design, I did some research on the drying process and found the best way to set the paper was to put it in the oven, so I designed a drying tray as well.

images of a prototype, user testing, and render of replatement

How to use replatement

instruction manual for how to make paper plates

user feedback + refinement

Testing the instructions and prototype with users I learned there are a few refinements I could make

  1. It is easier to press directly on the lid than to use the tabs.
  2. Encapsulate the strainer so that as the water is being pressed out of the pulp, it doesn't splash everywhere.
render of final replatement design
image of replatement on someones desk for context

Watch it in action

image of a paperplate making device and two paper plates with popcorn and pretzels on them



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